Gardenia jasminoides ‘Chuck Hayes’

('Chuck Hayes', Gardenia)


Hardiness Zones:

 10a  10b  7b  8a  8b  9a  9b

Quick Overview:

Gardenia ‘Chuck Hayes’ has large fragrant 2-3" double white flowers in June. It is more cold hardy than most double flowered forms. Foliage is similar to the species.

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Most gardenias are fairly adaptable shrubs tolerant of sun or semi-shade, and do best in a well-drained, humus-rich, acidic soil. Fall or spring is the best time for planting in warmer climates. Place in light to moderate shade, preferably with minimum competition from tree roots. Gardenias resent root disturbance. Use fertilizer for acid loving plants, and use iron compounds. Add plenty of organic matter, such as compost or ground bark to as large an area as possible. Mulch plants instead of cultivating. A good time to feed gardenias in these warm areas is mid-March, using an acid plant food, fish emulsion or blood meal. Fertilize the shrubs again in late June to encourage extra flowers on ever-bloomers or faster growth of young shrubs. Do not fertilize gardenias in the fall. Doing so will stimulate tender growth. Prune shrubs after they have finished flowering to remove straggly branches and faded flowers. Water gardenias regularly. Drip irrigating the shrubs will keep water off the foliage and blossoms and prevents leaf spots.

Additional information

Common Name

'Chuck Hayes', Gardenia

Botanical Name

Gardenia jasminoides 'Chuck Hayes'


3 gallon

Evergreen or Deciduous


Hardiness Zone

10a, 10b, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Growth Rate


Light Requirements

Part-shade, Part-sun, Sun


to 5 ft.


to 4 ft.

Soil Condition


Water Needs


Blooming Period

late Spring-early Summer

Flower Color




Foliage Color


Deer Resistant


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