Azalea ‘Fawn’

(Fawn Azalea)

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Hardiness Zones:

 7a  7b  8a  8b  9a  9b

Quick Overview:

One of the most hard-to-find of the Glenn Dale Hybrids, the Fawn Azalea features abundant mesmerizing bicolor flowers with white petals having a purplish pink wavy margin. The flowers start out funnel shaped but open so wide they appear almost flat, and appear in such abundance they nearly cover the entire shrub. Fawn is a smaller shrub that all grown up might reach only 4 feet in height with a spread of 4 to 5 feet while retaining a denser and more compact form. Blooming in mid to late spring, Fawn is one of those rare beauties that will always have you looking forward to its bloom



Best grown in acidic, organically rich, humusy, medium moisture, moisture-retentive but well-drained soils in part shade. Prefers a sun dappled or high open shade. Morning sun with afternoon shade is also acceptable. Plant in a location protected from strong winds. Plants perform well on north or east facing slopes. Do not site plants within or near the drip line of trees in the walnut family (most rhododendrons/azaleas are sensitive to toxic juglones produced by roots of walnuts, butternuts, pecans and hickories). Good soil drainage is essential (plants do not like wet feet). Poor drainage inevitably leads to root rot, therefore raised beds/plantings should be considered in heavy clay soils. Shallow, fibrous root systems (do not cultivate around plants) will benefit greatly from a mulch (e.g., wood chips, bark or pine needles) to help retain moisture and stabilize soil temperatures. Roots must never be allowed to dry out. Acidify soils as needed (plants generally like soil pH in the range of 5.0 to 5.5). Add sulfur or iron sulfate to soils to lower the pH. Add limestone or lime to soils to raise the pH. Clip off spent flower clusters immediately after bloom as practicable.

Additional information

Common Name

Fawn Azalea

Botanical Name

Rhododendron 'Fawn'

Evergreen or Deciduous


Hardiness Zone

7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b

Growth Rate


Light Requirements

Part-shade, Part-sun





Soil Condition


Water Needs


Blooming Period


Flower Color

Lavender Purple with white center



Foliage Color


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