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Clematis 'Niobe'

(Niobe Clematis)

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Hardiness Zones:

Quick Overview:

Blooms first on new growth beginning in midsummer, and then again on new shoots in early fall.


"Clematis 'Niobe': A large-flowered hybrid, burgundy-red, this cultivar would be in the Clematis Hall of Fame, if there were one." —Linda Beutler In 1970 'Niobe' came from unknown parentage, originating in Poland, 'Niobe' was raised by Wladyslaw Noll. However, as with all other red-flowering clematis, 'Niobe' has the American native, Clematis texensis, somewhere in its parentage. In 1975, Jim Fisk introduced Clematis 'Niobe' to the nursery trade, where it became one of the most popular clematis to grow, many considering it the best. You can grow this vine as a specimen, in a container, or winding its way through medium-sized shrubs. You can train the vine to trail on the ground; when it's in bloom, it makes a stunning ground cover. With this method, you will need to pin the stems along the ground and protect the vine from slugs.

Additional Information

Common Name Niobe Clematis
Botanical Name Clematis 'Niobe'
Container/Amount 1 gallon
Plant Category Vine
Evergreen or Deciduous Deciduous
Hardiness Zone 4a, 4b, 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b, 9a, 9b, 10a, 10b, 11
Height 6 to 10'
Width 3'
Growth Rate Average
Light Requirements Sun, Part-sun
Soil Condition Well-drained
Water Needs Average
Blooming Period late spring to early fall
Flower Color red
Fragrance No
Foliage Color green
Berry Color No
Deer Resistant Yes

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